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Friday, January 24, 2020
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Adult Life Class

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The Life Class.

Who We Are!

The Adult Life Class is a group that meets each Sunday morning during the Sunday School hour. We are a mixed group class (men and women, singles and couples, 18 years and older) who meet together for an interactive Bible study to help enhance our lives as Christians as we strive to live out the principles of the Bible in our everyday lives. 
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What We Are Studying!

We Started a new study on June 2, 2019.  Our New Study is:  Genesis: God's Plan Begins.  

God’s plan is from eternity past. We are first introduced to it in the book of Genesis. It begins well with a perfect creation, including man, God’s crowning creation. But almost immediately sin enters the world. Along with sin comes the need for humanity’s redemption.God planned for redemption. He didn’t have to scramble and hold a meeting to figure out what to do next. His plan continued exactly as He knew it would. So Genesis is not so much a book about how good or bad the characters were as it is about our great God. It records how He began to work out His plan that would one day lead to providing redemption for humanity through Jesus Christ. That is the focus of this study. God’s faithfulness is the underlying theme throughout this study. His faithfulness shines brightly against human failures. Other themes include God’s infinite power, all-encompassing knowledge, unfathomable grace, comforting presence, generous mercy, and sovereignty

                                                    Join us on Sunday Mornings at 9:30.